User Selectable Grid for Blast Design

A step-by-step guide to specifying a grid (as in SHOTPlus UG™) and having the ability to snap to grid for holes and 3D points in SHOTPlus™


1. A user selectable grid is available from the toolbar. This allows you to turn on a grid that is 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 meters square. 

2. To turn on the grid, click on the view grid icon in the toolbar. To select what size grid, click on the drop down arrow on the view grid icon and select the grid size. This will display the grid on the main window. Note: if you are zoomed in too far and have chosen a smaller size grid, you will need to zoom out to see the updated grid size labels

635_-_1.jpg 635-3.jpg

3. To turn on the ability to snap holes or 3D points to the grid, click on the snap to objects tool. Select the grid option from the drop down arrow on the icon. 


4. Holes or 3D points can now be added to the grid and will snap to the intersections of the grid lines.


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