BlastIQ™ Mobile March 2019 Release

Orica will release an update to BlastIQ Mobile on March 5 2019 (v.1.1.2172)

A notification will appear in the BlastIQ Mobile app on start-up once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from the specialist.

Features included in the February release:

Copy design to actual:

Add hole functionality:

  • The add hole functionality has been removed from the list view and is now only available in the map view. This will ensure that all holes added on the device will have an x and y coordinate.

Map view:

  • The ability to filter holes by status (backfill and redrill status) has been added to the map view.
  • Changes to the rendering of the map to maintain performance with larger blast patterns
  • A status legend for the map has also been included. This can be accessed by the slide out panel on the bottom of the map view


Supported Hole Limit:

  • The supported hole limit through the system has been increased to 3000 holes.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed Bug: wrong holes displayed on the charging dialogue when a hole is selected from the map.
  • Fixed Bug: Long usernames create two users
  • Fixed Bug: Set path not supporting deleted holes
  • Fixed Bug: Behaviour of notifications for backfill/redrill required. Notifications will now be hidden when actual loading data has been collected against a blasthole.
  • Fixed Bug: Hole status filter shows different counts when status changes from backfill/redrill to stemmed

Other improvements/changes:

  • Improvements to the updater when checking for updates
  • Retain density of the bulk product when displaying the product name in the charging panel
  • Restyle of the keyboard


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