Next generation BlastIQ™ September 2018 Release

Orica released an update to next generation BlastIQ™ on the 30th of September 2018.

What's new?


KPIs and Measures

  • The ability to manually input a cost per blast KPI
  • Insights graph that displays cost per blast over time

Insights Re-design

  • Grouping insights graphs on multiple pages based on categories: drilling, loading, environmental, KPIs
  • Added pop-up modal that changes the selections that the graphs are being filtered on

Hole Details Tab Visualization

  • Added additional actual values to the hole table
  • Graph hole location in a scatterplot within the “holes details tab”
  • Filtering hole summary bar and scatterplot based on whether the user wants to see drilling, loading or wet/dry information

Blast Media

  • Enable users to upload larger video (200mb max)


What's been fixed?

  • Filtering pit and bench between sites on Insights
  • Thresholds are now correct when changing sites
  • Increased loading performance for Insights graphs and summary bar
  • Actual weight loaded imports with nulls not 0s
  • Site access in IE
  • Ability to upload large media files on insights
  • Units of measure respected for cost per weight and cost per ton
  • Collar XYZ units converting
  • Hole tab summary bar displaying data from current blast
  • Increased loading performance for hole chart on larger blasts
  • Timeout on error of blast

To learn more about our next generation BlastIQ™ Platform please follow this link: 

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