Setting a Wet State Tolerance in SHOTPlus™

A step-by-step guide to specifying Wet State Tolerance(s) in SHOTPlus™


A Wet State Tolerance is an amount of water that, if exceeded, should result in a hole being marked as wet. Tolerances are defined per hole type, and holes may be checked against them after an Amount Of Water (or Depth To Water) measurement is recorded.

For information on how the Wet State Tolerance setting may also be used by BlastIQ™ Mobile, see Marking a hole as wet or dry in BlastIQ Mobile.


1. Navigate to Edit > Design Data


2. Set a Wet State Tolerance for each hole type


3. With the tolerance(s) set, any hole in the plan that exceeds the set amount of water will automatically be marked as wet in the Hole Table



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