Updating BlastIQ™ Mobile

Update notifications

As a part of its startup procedure, BlastIQ™ Mobile will check that you are running the latest version of the software (provided that you are online).

If there is an update available, you will see a notification with options to install now or get reminded later. If you select "remind me later" you will be notified of the update again next time you run BlastIQ™ Mobile.

It is important that you remain connected to the Internet with a sufficient amount of battery life to perform the update. We recommend connecting to a power supply whilst updating.


If you select "Update now" the BlastIQ™ Mobile updater will open outside of the browser window and perform the update. If you are using BlastIQ™ Mobile in full-screen mode (which is recommended for the best experience on tablet devices) your updater may load discretely in the taskbar. Bring the application out of full-screen mode and tap the flashing updater icon in the taskbar to continue the update.


Once the update is complete, BlastIQ™ Mobile will restart in the new version. Check the help centre regularly for information on making the most of the latest feature releases.


If you experience any difficulties with the update process, please send an email to blastiqsupport@orica.com

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