How to install BlastIQ™ Mobile and Build a Device

A Step-by-step guide to install BlastIQ Mobile


1. Download the software from the installer provided by the Support Team.

2. Run the .exe file from your downloads folder (or other location that you have set up for downloads to go to).

3. Accept the terms and conditions for the software. If your machine does not meet the minimum specifications for the software to install, an error message will appear informing you of what specification is not met by your device. If this appears for you, please contact the Support Team.



4. Once the software has installed, click on the shortcut for the BlastIQ Mobile software on your desktop or in your start menu. 


5. Log in using your windows email address and password (for Orica users, or use the email address and password provided by the Support Team for non-Orica users).


6. A device set up screen will be displayed. Select 'Yes' for all three sync options (these are coloured in dark blue when selected). Enter a device name and select your site from the drop-down list - you will only see sites that you have permission to access. Click Build Data.


7. Once the site data has built, you will need to create a user for the device. Click on "Create new user". Enter in a username using the keyboard and click ok. You will get a confirmation that the user has been successfully created. To enter the software, click on the username in the list. Multiple users can be created if required. 




8. You will then be taken to the equipment screen. 'None' will be an option if you choose not to set an equipment list.





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