BlastIQ™ Mobile Production Release Notes v 1.0.1074


BlastIQ™ Mobile Production Release


Orica will release a new version of BlastIQ™ Mobile on 21 August 2018.

This production release will require users to download the latest installer that will be provided. The following features will be available in version 1.0.1074 or higher. The software will be available for limited release only.

For further information please contact us at

The release has a range of great new features and improvements, including:

  • A list of pre-defined comments for users to select from when adding a note against a blast hole
  • The ability to select a drill plan from anywhere within the row rather than having to select the text only
  • Display of the software version running on the device
  • Increased maximum supported deck weight
  • Unit conversions

A comprehensive list of inclusions in this release can be found below.


Release Notes – Version 1.0.1074 or higher


New Features & Improvements

  • Hide deck notes
  • Amend screen resolution requirements on the installer
  • Make the whole drill plan name selectable
  • Reorder number pad
  • Select a pre-defined comment when adding a note against a blast hole
  • Display what version of the software is running on a device
  • Increase the maximum supported deck weight
  • Modifications to the map for pan, zoom and rotate features

Bug Fixes

  • Amend hole shape on 2D map
  • Fix incorrect hole length and amount of water when hole length is reduced
  • Fix data not saving in BlastIQ Mobile when a dip depth equal to the design depth is entered
  • Improve functionality for when a user does not have permissions to build a BlastIQ Mobile device
  • Fix not being able to a send the modified design to the cloud when the new holes contain actual information
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