BlastIQ Mobile ™ Production Release Notes v 1.0.860

Orica will release BlastIQ Mobile™ Version 1.0.860 on the 2nd July 2018

This production release will require users to download the latest installer that will be provided, as well as accepting the latest beta release for SHOTPlus (v5.7.3.11). The software will be available for limited release only. For further information please contact us at
The release has a range of great new features and improvements, including:
• Ability to display a map of a drill plan imported from SHOTPlus
• Ability to pan and zoom the map view
• Ability to select a blast hole from the map view and be taken to the corresponding location in the
list to enter data against
• Ability to manage backfill decks
• Ability to collect actual loading information against a blast hole with or without a loading design
from SHOTPlus
• Users will be able to install new versions of the software without uninstalling the previous version
A comprehensive list of inclusions in this release can be found below.
• All customer-facing references changed to BlastIQ Mobile
• Integration with new LOADPlus
• Be able to enter charging actuals against a blast hole
• SHOTPlus integrations to allow blast designs to be sent to the devices
• Render a relevant drill plan on map – A separate tab has been created to visualise a drill plan
• When a user selects a blast hole from the map, they are taken to the corresponding location in the list view
• Reset map to initial view when returning to the map tab
• Update BlastIQ Mobile software without having to uninstall the previous version
• Display deck numbers on actual decks within charging field for a blast hole
• Create new deck based on design
• Display amended to 1280 pixel width
Bug Fixes
• Fix deck length error for Symbiote Host
•  Fix issue with devices getting stuck on the Loading screen while the software is starting up
• Fix issue where a valid hole depth entered is reported as invalid
• Amount of water mode wasn’t in use if selected in preferences and a new hole was added to a drill plan (was using depth to water)
• Fix issue where software wasn’t updating when a deck horizon was cleared
• Charging count does not update with reconnecting devices
• Charging count does not update by clearing each deck value individually
• Charging count is not updated when opening an updated charging panel
• Charging panel updates are not seen across multiple devices
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