BlastIQ™ Classic - Production Release Notes v 1.25

Orica will release BlastIQ™ Classic Version 1.25 on the 2nd of July 2018



  • [BTO-618] - Increased site audit log from 200 items to 2000.
  • [BTO-495] - Display to users what fields are required to be manually entered.
  • [BTO-495] - Only show Powder factor values in BlastIQ if they have been manually entered in SHOTPlus.

Bug Fixes

  • [BTO-328] - First movement displaying incorrectly.
  • [BTO-580] - All the POI’s are checked when submitting a blast, even if the modelling domain has only some of them checked.
  • [BTO-586] - Change to surface tie in SP not updated in BIQ.
  • [BTO-588] - Actual depth was displaying incorrectly on the hole comparison instead of design depth.
  • [BTO-617] - Deleted blasts still appearing in the Envirotrack window.
  • [BTO-638] - Deleted POI showing error.
  • [BTO-630] - Blast plan view missing from details tab
  • [BTO-641] - SHOTPlus plans not displaying when uploaded to BlastIQ
  • [BTO-621] - Search not functioning
  • [BTO-632] - Volume in Blast properties is not editable
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