SHOTPlus™ 5.7.3 was released on 2-Jul-18

Orica released SHOTPlus™ Version 5.7.3 on the 2nd July 2018

This release is available via the application's updater mechanism, or the latest installer may be downloaded from the BlastIQ™ Help Centre. The new installer is available on the website from the 2nd July 2018.

The release has a range of new features and improvements, including:

  • Loading data may now be synced with BlastIQ Mobile
  • When synching data with BlastIQ Mobile, a site will be pre-selected if the user only has access to a single site
  • The Edit Hole dialog will now only open to Actual Loading if the hole contains actual charging data. Previously this would be triggered if the hole contained any actual measurement, such as a dip depth
  • The Hole Table dialog now better conveys which fields contain inferred, null, and read-only values
  • Users now have the option for inferred measurements to display as either a ? or the value in italics (in the Hole Table dialog and loading charts)
  • Inferred values are now recalculated for a hole whenever the Empty Hole or Apply Loading Rules functions are used
  • Selecting one or more holes in the Hole Table dialog will now select those holes in the main window (This may be used in conjunction with the Hole Table dialog's pre-existing filter functionality to perform an advanced search operation)
  • The user must now confirm any Delete/Cut action that will remove a hole containing an actual measurement
  • The user must now confirm before exporting to a logger if any holes contain a detonator with an unspecified delay
  • The DXF Import will now group points by default
  • The Text Import now provides an option to group points
  • Logger naming in the Visibility Manager now has an improved format
  • The Visibility Manager now better handles being resized
  • Improved feedback for the Test Connection function. This function may now return one of the following:
    • The test succeeded
    • Could not connect to the server
    • The server is available, but returned an error

A reminder that in-application help documentation and release notes have been replaced with links to the BlastIQ™ Help Centre, where help articles can be found.

A comprehensive list of inclusions for this release can be found here at this link: Release Notes SHOTPlus V 5.7.3 


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