Blasters Desktop Release Notes v1.8.0.2


Orica will release Blasters Desktop™ Version on 30 May 2018.

This production release will require the user to download the latest Blasters Desktop installer from the BlastIQ™ Help Centre, link found here.

The new installer will be available on the BlastIQ Help Centre website from 30th May.

 This release has a range of new features, bug fixes and improvements, including: 

  • Improved integration with Symantec security services
  • Improved error messaging, provides meaning full actionable feedback to users
  • Help tab improvements now link users automatically to respective BlastIQ web pages

 A comprehensive list of inclusions in this release can be found below.

 Please share this information with your customers, so they are aware of the new features and improvements. We will also communicate this information to users online and via BlastIQ™ Support.

If you have any questions, please contact us at



Release Notes – Blasters Desktop™ – Version 

30 May 2018


SP-328 - New installer does not create registry key required for integration between Blasters Desktop and other apps, resulting in other apps failing to run.

SP-274 – Error message ArgumentOutOfRangeException raised during application exit. Now fixed.

SP-331 – Updates within the Help tab. Check for updates now links to Downloads on the BlastIQ support page. Revisions now links to the Release notes on BlastIQ support webpage.


SP-280 - Create an automated build process for Blaster's Desktop to prevent Symantec blocking Blasters Desktop.exe file running.


SP-272 – Create new Blasters Desktop installer

SP-322 - Improved error messages when server uncontactable. Increased the scope for the new server status messages to be displayed.  Also applied new messaging to server test connection function.



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