SHOTPlus Tunnel Release Notes V


SHOTPlus Tunnel Development Update

An installation release was made available for SHOTPlus T (All Versions) on 20 February 2018.

To remain compatible with future Windows platforms SHOTPlus T requires a technical upgrade, which can only be achieved by uninstalling and re-installing the program.

Steps have been outlined below to guide you through the process.

  • Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall SHOTPlus T
  • Download and install SHOTPlus T (all versions): 
  • Existing product keys will continue working once installed.

If the un-install/re-install is not complete existing applications will continue to function until product key expiration. However, there will be no access to critical bug fixes and feature enhancements, meaning ongoing stability cannot be guaranteed.


In This Release

Feature upgrades

  • Set project chainage at the beginning of a tunnel line.
    – Double click a tunnel line and you can adjust the start chainage.
  • Ability to display and export horizontal and vertical angles.
    – Edit program setting > General > Display angles as horizontal/vertical
  • Alphanumeric sort of blasts in the project manager.
    – See “Sort” drop-down menu at the bottom of the project manager
  • Multiple select and delete blasts in the project manager
  • Horseshoe curved profile tool
  • Save files compatible with NCVIB uploads
  • Energy Factor (MJ/BCM) added to Performance Metrics
  • Use "s" key to turn snap on and off.
    – Note “snap to objects” must be turned on in Edit > Program Settings > General
  • Edit hole colors
    – Edit > Blast properties > hole types
  • Generate Spiral Polyline in Tools

Bug Fixes

  • Time envelope zoom.
  • Snap to the toe of holes when the view is reversed.
  • Missing Menu Items re-instated.

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