FRAGTrack™ - Production Release v1.0.231

The production release of the new Web application will be available from the 16th of May 2018.


The release has a range of great new features and improvements, including:

  •  Users of FRAGTrack can now review sample data for an installation as a contiguous data set, independent of any changes to the Vision System device over the life of the installation.
  • The updated home screen now shows the Fragmentation Run Chart for the selected Site and Installation, given the chosen Start and End Date range.
  • A new Installations administration screen allows the creation and management of installations and their associated Vision System devices for a related site.
  • Changes to the Device administration screen mean that devices are listed and grouped by the site they are installed at.
  • Management of devices has been simplified, with the use of Serial, Label, Device Type and Notes being the main properties managed for each device.
  • The Installation administration screen also presents installations grouped by the site at which they are installed.
  • When administering a new or existing Installation, the user must stipulate what the related Site is, as well as the Installation Name, Imaging Device, Installation Type and Current Bin Increment.
  • Changes to the Manage Users screen have included a new column called Edit Installations. This new security feature was required for those users who, as part of their role responsibilities, are required to manage site installations.
  • Changes to the downloadable Excel and CSV files from the Tabular Results and other screens now include the related Installation as a new column.


Please share this information with your customers, so they are aware of the new features and improvements. We will also communicate this information to users online via BlastIQ™ Support.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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