Basic Measure While Drilling Support

NOTE: Basic MWD support is only available in SHOTPlus Premier or Professional and in version 5.7.2 or higher


SHOTPlus can support basic Measure While Drilling (MWD) information. This allows users to import a single specific energy value against a hole.

Values can be imported through the text importer by selecting the specific energy value.

Values can be viewed and edited in the edit hole dialogue under the MWD tab. Entries can also be made directly into this screen without needing to import values through the text importer.


Loading rules can be written using the specific energy value as a condition.

Loading rules using the specific energy value condition can be tested through the test rules window.

Specific energy values can be displayed on the drill plan by selecting the specific energy field in the hole legend of the visibility manager.


Please contact BlastIQ Support if you need more information.

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