Communication of differences between engineering and invoice explosive quantities

There are two explosive volumes recorded as part of explosive loading operations:

- Orica contracts set out for each customer how Billable Explosive Quantities are measured, calculated and displayed. These volumes are recorded by Orica team members operating delivery equipment and may include pre-manufacturing hose priming, manufacturing waste, overloading that is later removed, toe hole blasting and other explosive consumption, but could vary from customer to customer.


- Blast IQ field devices are used by Orica or Customer team members to record the most accurate representation of Loaded Explosive Quantities for the purpose of engineering design and blast improvement. These volumes record only the final quantity of explosive loaded into a blast hole and do not include any pre-manufacturing priming, waste, overloaded product that is later removed or toe hole/auxiliary quantities.


As part of normal manufacturing operations, the variance between Billable and Loaded Explosive Quantities is normal:

- Billable Quantities are for the purpose of invoicing for the supply of explosive products and their calculation is set out in supply contracts.

- Loaded Explosive Quantities are for the purpose of engineering design and blast improvement and are collected using Blast IQ field devices by either Orica or Customer team members.


Do you feel there is a problem with a recorded explosive volume?

- If you have a question about a Billable Explosive Quantity displayed on an Orica delivery docket or invoice, they should consult their Orica Account Manager.

- If you have a question about Loaded Explosive Quantities for engineering purposes, they may lodge a support ticket on the Blast IQ Help Centre.

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