SHOTPlus March 2018 Release Notes - v5.7.2

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SHOTPlus Production Release


Orica will release SHOTPlus™ Version 5.7.2 on 26 March 2018.


This production release will require users to download the latest installer from the BlastIQ™ Help Centre and can be found here . The new installer will be available on the website from 26 March.


The release has a range of new features and improvements, including:

  • Ability to export all visible and selected rows from the hole table to a .csv file or a .xlsx file. This will allow users more flexibility in how they use the information rather than having to use the set reports within the application.
  • Inclusion of the surface lead length in the tie legend.
  • Surface lead length font colour changed to black for improved legibility when plans are printed.
  • Ability to import sub-drill values via the text importer.
  • Support for basic measure while drilling information. This will allow users to import a single specific energy value against a hole, display/edit and create loading rules using this value. Information on this feature can be found here.
  • A new splash screen design. With the update of the BlastIQ™ suite branding, a redesign of the splash screen has been completed.
  • Inclusion of improved Russian translation.
  • In application help documentation and release notes have been replaced with links to the help centre where help articles can be found.
  • Improved find hole functionality. Information on this feature can be found here.
  • Improved appearance of a zero-length hole across the Loading chart and the Loading Editor controls.


A comprehensive list of inclusions in this release can be found below.


Please share this information with your customers, so they are aware of the new features and improvements. We will also communicate this information to users online, via BlastIQ™ Support.


If you have any questions, please contact us at




Release Notes – SHOTPlus™ – Version 5.7.2



  • [SP-5] - Hole measurement tool performs inconsistently depending which order you select the holes to be measured between.
  • [SP-130] - SHOTPlus Premier – Deck tolerance is not applying correctly for the loading accuracy in horizon Exceptions View .
  • [SP-163] - Option to reset orientation in the rotate tools is missing in the latest beta
  • [SP-179] - Removal of non-visible zoom options causes exception error
  • [SP-186] - Folder access permission error at start up after fresh install
  • [SP-196] – Loading tolerance in the exceptions view is not displaying % when edited.
  • [SP-198] - Null reference exception thrown when using the Zoom Rectangle tool
  • [SP-201] - When printing the time envelope window using imperial units, the title at the top displays incorrectly.
  • [SP-182] - After a release state has been set in SHOTPlus and exported as a BML, any subsequent changes to a hole state are not sent in another BML export (for released for loading to any other state only)

New Feature

  • [SP-83] - Add function to export all visible information from the hole table
  • [SP-151] - Change all text colour to black in tie legend
  • [SP-159] - Add tube lengths to tie legend for surface connectors
  • [SP-197] – Add Average angle field to the report designer
  • [SP-222] - Add a text importer field for specific energy
  • [SP-223] - Add a tab to the edit hole dialogue to display specific energy data
  • [SP-224] - Add a clear All / Selected menu item for specific energy to the tools menu
  • [SP-225] - Add a condition to loading rules for specific energy
  • [SP-226] - Add a specific energy field to the test loading rules screen
  • [SP-227] - Add a specific energy field to the hole legend options in the visibility manager
  • [SP-52] - Import of recorded drill hole information from BlastIQ Field Device via the BlastIQ System
  • [SP-195] - Handle hole deletion in drill plan import from BlastIQ Field Device
  • [SP-144] - Add ability to import sub-drill values through text importer


  • [SP-85] - Replace file-based help documentation and release notes with web address
  • [SP-86] - Remove file-based release notes and help documentation from within the SHOTPlus application
  • [SP-136] - Remove unused items from tool bars (code level)


  • [SP-1] – Make the appearance of a zero-length hole consistent for both the Loading chart and the Loading Editor controls
  • [SP-73] - Design and implement a new splash screen
  • [SP-153] - Improve error handling for any errors raised during initialization of 3D graphics component
  • [SP-176] - Add a check/uncheck all option to the Hole Table column selector dialog
  • [SP-220] - Improve error logging for cloud upload/download drill plan functions
  • [SP-232] – Improve the Find Hole function
  • [SP-180] - Improve Russian translation for SHOTPlus




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