How to find Device ID of my DIPPlus Device

This guide explains what information is required for a DIPPlus Licence and how you can find it. 

If you need your DIPPlus Device Licence renewed or you need a new license, BlastIQ support team needs the following information to process your request.

  1. DIPPlus Device ID
  2. License Type
  3. User ID


You can find Device ID and other details of DIPPlus Device using these methods.


1 - Splash Screen - When you run DIPPlus   Step_6_DP_manual_lic.jpg
2 - In the General Options  
- Open DIPPlus on Device and Tap Menu   snapshot7.jpg
 - Select Options snapshot8.jpg  

 - In "About" Tab You can see 

  • The installed version of DIPPlus Application
  • License Type - Find more details here: DIPPlus Licenses
  • The user ID of Licensee 
  • License Expiry Date
  • Device ID


If you need any further information or Help please contact the BlastIQ Support Team at 

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