Export Information from Hole Table

Note: Hole table export is not available in SHOTPlus Standard. This feature will be available in version 5.7.2 or above.

Users now have the ability to export information directly from the hole table instead of having to go through the text exporter. This function will allow users to export all visible columns as well as selected rows as a .csv or .xlsx file.

1. To export visible column information. Make sure that you have the information you want to export visible via the column selector button. Then click on the arrow on the export button.

2. This will bring up the option to select the file type you export information as (.csv or .xls). The option you select the first time you use this will be remembered so this will be the option that will be automatically exported if you just click on the Export button and not the arrow.

3. After selecting the file format, the file explorer will appear for you to save your file.

4. To export selected rows within the visible columns, hold down the control key while clicking within the row that you want to select. After all rows are selected, click the export button as done previously. You will then be able to save your file through the file explorer. 

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