Edit Design Data


The Edit Design Data function allows you to create a set of blast design defaults which can be automatically applied to holes when they are created and placed on the plan. 


  • The defaults are created based on hole types
  • After you enter the values into each of the fields in the Hole type design default window, the entire set is saved against that specific hole type. Later, when you create a blasthole you have the option of choosing what hole type the blast hole should be. After the hole type has been selected the blasthole parameters stored against that hole type are applied against the actual blasthole parameters.
  • To edit the design data, click on the Edit / Design data and this brings up the Hole type design defaults window that allows you to edit and adjust the default values and their maximum and minimum tolerance values.

Set Hole Data Defaults

  • To set hole data default values, click on Edit / Design data and in the Hole type design defaults window, click on the fields you want to change for each hole type.
  • You can set hole data default values for:
    • Angle
    • Burden
    • Spacing
    • Bench height
    • Subdrill
    • Powder factor
    • Stemming
    • Side angle
    • Loading factor
    • Backfill tolerance
    • Redrill tolerance
  • You also can activate options for applying defaults to:
    • The body of the blasthole type
    • Use backfill
    • Assume the hole type as wet
    • Drill from bench surface
    • Maintain hole track

Set Drilling Default Values

  • You can select the drill option for each hole type from a drop down list of commonly available drill diameters.
  • To set the hole default length for each hole type, select the hole type you want to apply the default length to and set the length using the arrows or typing in the text field.
  • To set the default drill depth for each hole type, select one of for options:
    • Drill to length (the default length of the hole type defined under Length)
    • Drill to RL
    • Drill bench height
    • Drill to floor surface (as defined by surveying data)
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