Edit Blast Outcome Summary

The Blast Outcome Summary dialogue gives you the option to fill in details of the blast to provide a record of the blast conditions and outcomes. This is similar to creating an electronic blast record that will permanently stay with the blast file.



The Blast Outcome Summary dialogue has a number of different tabs for filling in blast details:

  • Header: Enter General information such as Engineer, blast time, dates loaded, etc. The Firing time of a blast can be automatic if you are using the Ikon system and upload a blaster file to SHOTPlus.
  • Environment: Enter information such as wind speed and cloud cover. Also, enter monitoring information either manually or populated from vibration monitors set up with in the design.
  • Fragmentation: If fragmentation analysis had been done on the blast, results can be entered here, as well as customer and Orica comments.
  • Profile: Enter a description of heave and throw, and comments on the power trough.
  • Overbreak: Enter comments on the amount of overbreak experienced.
  • KPI: Measure KPI results and enter comments on Fragmentation, Throw, Digability, Environmentals, and Firing Schedule
  • Blast Design: Enter actual blast information including the number of holes fired or populate automatically from the design.
  • Products: Populate a list of resources used in the blast from the SHOTPlus design.
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