Edit Available Resources

The Edit available resources dialogue contains all Orica blast products. As not all mines and quarries use all of the products, this dialogue allows you to deselect any products that are not going to be used. The resources that are checked will appear in the other parts of the application where you are able to select products for loading. The resources that are not checked will be hidden to provide a shorter, more manageable list.


  • To edit the list of available resources, click on Edit / Available resources, and this will bring up the Product availability selection window. 

b.png c.png   

  • In this product list, un-tick the product groups and individual products you want to hide. Click on OK and the product list will now be applied to the project you are currently working on. However, these settings are only applied to the project you are currently working on and are reset every time you start a new project by using File / New.
  • To keep the edited list of Available resources for future projects, you need to save the list as a template by clicking on the Save scheme button before you click on OK to apply the new edited settings. You are also able to do this if you have already clicked OK by going back into the Product availability window. This brings up your file manager where you are asked to give the file a name and save it to the hard drive as an .AVL type file.
  • If you want to use an existing template of Available resources for a new project, click on the Load Scheme button and select from the file manager the appropriate .AVL file.
  • .AVL files can be saved as part of your SHOTPlus templates so that your custom list is available when you begin a new blast. 
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