SHOTPlus Status Bar

The status bar is located at the bottom of the Main edit window. It provides information about the current status that the design is in at the present time. 


  1. The modified flag: If any changes have been made to the design since the last Save, the flag will be set to 'modified'. If no changes have been made to the design since the last Save this field will be empty.
  2. Current coordinates: This field displays the current x, y, z coordinates or the mouse pointer. Hovering over a selected grip will set the mouse coordinates to be those of the grip.
  3. The progress field: Whenever the application needs to perform an operation that may result in time delay, the progress field will be used to show you the proportion of time already spent of the time required to complete the given operation.
  4. Current layer display: The current layer display shows the name of the layer currently selected as active. If you place any new objects on the design they will automatically be placed on this layer. The exception to this is made for objects that must be placed on specific layers such as holes, blast face surfaces, drill benches and floors etc.
  5. Last operation display: This display shows the name of the last operation performed either by you or by the application automatically.
  6. Target search radius: This interactive icon allows you to view and set the target radius radius around a blasthole collar. When you click on this icon, a highlighted area shows you the area around the blasthole that will be affected when you are using the row tie tool. 
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