Overview of Quick Access Panels

1. There are 3 quick access panels, which can be attached to the left and right sides of you Main edit window. 

image2018-1-24_13-45-21.png  image2018-1-24_13-46-43.png    

2. Quick access panels are usually hidden from view except their grey handles that indicate their position at the side of the Main edit window.

3. To view any of these panels, hover the cursor over the handle and the panel will automatically pull out for viewing. If you do not perform any actions in the panel it will retract automatically when you move the cursor away from the panel.

4. If you want the panel to stay visible, click on the handle and the window will stay open for editing. When you are finished editing, click on the main window or double click on the drawing pin and the window will retract. 

5. To remove the quick access panels from the main edit window, click on the X in the top right hand corner of the panel and the panel will disappear. You can get it back by going through the view menu.

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