2.8.1 SHOTPlus™ Underground Release Notes





July, 2024

Version 2.8.1 of SHOTPlus™ Underground , first offered to users on Tuesday 9th July 2024.
A notification will appear on start-up in SHOTPlus™ Underground once the update is available.
For further information on updating SHOTPlus™, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.


Update to SHOTPlus™ Support Policy

There has been an update to the support policy for SHOTPlus™ Underground. Support will be provided for the current version, with a buffer of 60 days for the previous version to allow time to update.

For more information on this update, please refer to this article.


  1. Users are now able to click and drag the uncharged collar in the Hole table, allowing quick adjustment of loading design.
  2. Users are now able to export and append WebGen™ device report data to CSV file. 1
  3. Report designer datasets now include 'total drilled meters' and 'total charged meters'.
  4. In Report designer the ring diagram visualisation has been improved to display in-hole booster location and scale indicator.


    1. For further information about the WebGen™ device export refer to the video walkthrough.


  1. Users are now able to input 5-digit time values when selecting holes in a time window.
  2. Hole visualisation diagrams now have clearer delineation between an uncharged collar and the adjacent deck of explosives.
  3. The old print functionality has been retired as part of the SHOTPlus print standardization across the SHOTPlus suite.1
  4. User can now export text files without headings.2  
  5. Improvements to 2D layout printing tool to improve legibility.


    1. For further information about the new print functionality please refer to the KBA
    2. Due to this improvement, a video walkthrough has been created that demonstrates the changed workflow for SHOTPlus™ Underground text export for Cycad™. It is available for viewing here


  1. 2D layout print view now aligns with the order shown in Ring Manager.
  2. 'Remove Timing' was also clearing hole loading.
  3. Text import was not showing the correct in-hole primer positions.
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