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SHOTPlus™ Variant:
6.20.1 and above
KBA Summary:
This KBA details some frequently asked questions in regards to the SHOTPlus™ migration to the BlastIQ™ product database. For more information on the product database migration to BlastIQ™ and the changes to SHOTPlus™, please refer to the Related Articles section at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is SHOTPlus™ migrating to the BlastIQ™ product database?

A: SHOTPlus™ is migrating to the BlastIQ™ product database as the existing infrastructure is being retired. For more information, please refer to this article.

What will happen to my templates and loading rules?

A: You will still be able to use your existing templates and loading rules. Once unsupported products have been resolved and the file has been saved in a version later than 6.20.1, the files will behave as normal. Please note that while files with unsupported products are still functional, they will prevent BlastIQ™ users from uploading plans to BlastIQ™. 

Can I open files from older versions of SHOTPlus™?

A: Yes, files from previous version (<6.20.1) can be opened and used. For more information on how this works refer to this article.

Can I open files from versions 6.20.1 and above in older versions of SHOTPlus™?

A: No, files from this version are not backwards compatible. If you open a file saved or created in the BlastIQ™ version of SHOTPlus in the previous version, you will receive a notification that the file is not supported.

Where can I learn more about unsupported products?

A: This article explains what unsupported products are, how they can be addressed and how they will work in SHOTPlus™.

Managing Product Lists

How do I retrieve my product list from BlastIQ™?

A: Navigate to BlastIQ > Set site and resources. Follow the prompts to log in to BlastIQ™ and select a site.

How can a new user access a product list from a site?

A: Users should contact the BlastIQ™ Site Admin or BlastIQ™ Support to be assigned to a site and access the product list. Refer to this article for detailed instructions.

How do I assign products to my site?

A: BlastIQ™ Site Admins can assign or un-assign products from the site list. Refer to this article for detailed instructions.

The product I need isn't displaying on the list in the BlastIQ™ Admin Portal. How do I add a new product?

A: Please contact BlastIQ™ Support with the relevant Technical Data Sheet.

What can I do if the site doesn't have any assigned products?

A: If a user retrieves a list from a site with an empty product list, SHOTPlus™ will notify the user that zero products have been assigned to the site. The file will still contain the default products of air, stemming and backfill which can be used in loading rules. Refer to this article for instructions about assigning products to a site. 

Using Products in SHOTPlus™

How can I switch sites and resource lists?

A: Navigate to BlastIQ > Set site and resources. Follow the prompts to login and select your site.

What happens if I use a product from another site?

A: If a product in a SHOTPlus™ file does not match a product on your site’s product list, e.g. you open a file from another site and change sites, SHOTPlus™ will behave as if the product is unsupported.

I am getting an error with invalid products. What should I do?

A: An invalid product is a product that exists in the BlastIQ™ product database but does not have all the required data to be used in SHOTPlus™. If you receive an error saying that products have been rejected due to validation errors, please contact BlastIQ™ Support and attach:

  • the logs,
  • the SHOTPlus™ file and
  • the provided text file from SHOTPlus™ for reference.

Why can't I load a resource scheme?

A: This functionality is no longer supported. Product lists are controlled at a site level through the BlastIQ™ Admin Portal and users no longer have to customise resource lists within SHOTPlus™. 

It is strongly recommended that all users on a site update at the same time.

For users who complete work for other sites, please bear compatibility in mind when supplying files to other users.

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