Resolving unsupported products in SHOTPlus™


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6.20.1 and above

KBA Summary:

This KBA outlines how users can resolve product conflicts caused by unsupported products contained in files created in SHOTPlus versions prior to 6.20.1. For more information on the product database migration to BlastIQ™ and the changes to SHOTPlus™, please refer to the Related Articles section at the bottom of the page.

Previous Behaviour

SHOTPlus™ previously used the Blast Management System Console (BMS) to populate a regional product list. Users were required to customize the extensive list based on site product usage. 

New Behaviour

In SHOTPlus™ versions prior to 6.20.1, the application queried a database called the Blast Management System (BMS) Console to populate a regional product list within the application.

The information contained in this article is relevant for users who are creating a file using a template or are opening an existing file created in SHOTPlus™ versions prior to 6.20.1. For information on how to add products to a new file, please refer to this article.

Upon opening either a template or existing file, SHOTPlus™ reads the products contained within the file and determines whether they are supported or unsupported. SHOTPlus™ will prompt the user to resolve any product conflicts, by swapping unsupported products for the user-specified supported products.


A supported product has a valid BlastIQ™ identifier that belongs to the selected BlastIQ™ site.
An unsupported product is a product that references the previous product database and does not have a valid BlastIQ™ identifier.

Summary Instructions
  1. SHOTPlus™ evaluates the file to identify any product conflicts.
  2. User logs into BlastIQ™ to select a site and get the most recent product list.
    1. Product list is cached locally for offline access.
  3. Resolve unsupported products using the product swap tool.
  4. Save file.

Important tools

Check file for unsupported products

Users can access the product swap tool at anytime by navigating to the "Tools" menu and selecting, "Products" and "Check file for unsupported products".

Retrieve a product list (online)

Users can access "Set Site and resources" via the BlastIQ menu if they wish to retrieve a product list at any time.


Retrieve a product list (offline)

SHOTPlus™ will store a local cached product list whenever it retrieves a product list from BlastIQ™. Cached product lists can be loaded in an offline environment via Edit Available Resources Load cached products.

Exploring the changes

Explore the changes to the workflow in the diagram below.

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