1.1.13 BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop Release Notes




May, 2024

Version 1.1.13 of BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop, first offered to users on Tuesday 28th May 2024
To update BlastIQ™ Underground, please check for updates through the link located in the top left corner of the BlastIQ™ Underground login screen, or via the 'Updates' button on the home section of the ribbon.
For further information on updating BlastIQ™ Underground Desktop, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.


  1. Calculated density enabled for gassed Subtek™ products.1
  2. Re-drill holes can now be imported from BlastIQ™;
    1. Users will be notified when re-drill hole are imported.
    2. Redrill holes can be identified by yellow hole labels.
    3. Redrill holes can be filtered using hole filters.
    4. Redrill holes can be identified in the data table.
    5. Redrill of hole IDs are shown in the data able and the hole explorer.
  3. Added hole filters for the following hole states:
    1. Wet
    2. Blocked
    3. Not Drilled
    4. Abandoned
    5. Design Breakthrough
    6. Actual Breakthrough
    7. Redrill
    8. Invalid Charge Design


    1. For more information on Calculated Density, please see the KBA here.


  1. Adjustment logic for single holes improved. The length of the variable deck is now locked.


  1. Drilled lengths were not imported from BlastIQ™ if measured length was not present.
  2. When adjusted deck lengths for a single hole, hole length was incorrectly being edited.
  3. Measured deck information was not being imported from BlastIQ™
  4. Copy coordinate dialog could not be closed.
  5. Importing from the data table was not updating measured charge data.
  6. Importing from the data table was not updating measured drill data.
  7. Fixed an issue where certain types of Integrated GPUs were causing the application to crash.
  8. Hole diameter labels were shown to a needlessly high precision.
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