BlastIQ™ Mobile Lite - 2024 Releases

Update 6th of May 2024 - v1.0.117


  1. Language specific validation preventing users from adding plans.

Update 29th of April 2024 - v1.0.114


  1. User can now clear deck on holes that are in invalid state.

Update 29th of January 2024 - v1.0.107


  1. Map:
    - Hole name now appears above icon
  2. Hole Loading:
    - Design and actual decks now displayed side by side
    - Backfill field now only displayed if hole is over-drilled
    - Stemming/air decks now display horizon and/or length, where possible
  3. Add/Edit Deck:
    - Confirm button added to Horizon field
    - By default, now skips Hole Loading after saving, returns to Hole List/Map. This can be disabled via an option in Settings\Preferences
  4. Language support for:
    - Spanish
    - Portuguese (Brazil)
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