BlastIQ™ Insights Release Notes - November 2023

BlastIQ™ Insights

November 2023

Updates to BlastIQ™ Insights released on November 2023 bring in new features, improvements and bug fixes. For further information, please contact BlastIQ™ Support at

Update 27th of November 2023


  1. Removed "Holes blocked" for open-cut sites in the Overview Dashboard.
  2. Resolved an issue in the drilling and loading quantities dashboard where a null volume in one of the blasts would result in a blank page. The fix ensures that the dashboards will still be displayed even if the volume is null.

Update 9th of November 2023


  1. KPIs Dashboard
    • The chosen KPI consistently appears accurately, whether you modify filter selections, navigate to different dashboards, or return to the KPIs dashboard.

Update 6th of November 2023


  1. KPIs Dashboard
    • Bar plot: Blasts are now sorted by date, with the oldest on the left and the newest on the right, depending on the top filter criteria.
    • Summary Statistics: The maximum and minimum KPI values are now correctly reflected.

Update 1st of November 2023


  1. File Storage - Download fails for files containing the EM dash character.
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