BlastIQ™ Mobile Release 1.17.265


BlastIQ Mobile

26th of June  2023

Version 1.17.265 will be offered to users in June 2023. A notification will appear in BlastIQ Mobile on start-up once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from the specialist. 
For further information on an update to the software, please contact the Support Team at or via web


  1. Temperature validation range updated to -50 °C to 999 °C, inclusive.
  2. Drill Actuals Capture:
    1. Increased hole size scaling for better visualisation.
    2. Increased hole hit area for better experience in the selection of holes.
    3. When a user enters a set of drill actuals and clicks on another hole on the map, a modal will appear, prompting the user to confirm if they want to proceed without saving the changes.
  3. Closing application screen is shown when the Exit button is used to close the application.
  4. Monitoring improvements related to expected networking issues.
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