6.14.13 SHOTPlus™ Beta Release Notes





June, 2023

Version 6.14.13 of SHOTPlus™ Beta, first offered to users on Thursday 15th June 2023.
A notification will appear on start-up in SHOTPlus™ Beta once the update is available.
For further information on updating the SHOTPlus™, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.


  1. Added Volume Calculation 'modes' that can be adjusted to improve performance when working with SHOTPlus™ files with a large amount of holes.1
  2. Added the ability to copy BlastIQ™ Tags and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) when copying holes between plans using BlastIQ™.


    1. For more information of Volume Calculation Modes in SHOTPlus™ see Knowledge Base Article, here.


  1. The Exclusion Area Tool now calculates the charge mass of decoupled explosives based on the package dimensions, rather than the blasthole dimensions.
  2. Improved the 3D distance calculation between blastholes and registered Face surfaces.
  3. Hole depth range is now a condition for Graphical Charging Rules.
  4. Blasthole labelling in SHOTPlus™ Standard improved to align with SHOTPlus™ Professional.
  5. When adding surface harness wire; users are now warned when the limit of an existing EBS lead-in is exceeded.
  6. 'Set Blast Orientation' and 'Reset Orientation' added to the select tool right-click menu.
  7. Improved placement of Blastholes when using the 'Add holes' tool and rotated off-axis.1
  8. Blast bounds tool ( ToolsGeneral functionsCreate blast bounds) improved:
    1. Tool can now be used to generate a blast boundary at the Hole Collar, Hole Grade, or Hole Toe level.
    2. Offset from holes can now be differential in inter-row and intra-row directions.
    3. Tool can now apply smoothing to reflect realistic dig lines.
  9. Volume Overview (View > Volume overview) Improved:
    1. Added the ability to view hole volumes at different stages:
      1. Design.2
      2. Updated Design.3
      3. Drilled.4
    2. Updated Visibility Manager.
    3. Added 'Results Manager'.
    4. Repositioned 'Selected Volume' to Results Manager.
    5. Added the ability to limit volume to 'user defined boundaries'.6
  10. Updated 'Design' volume to align with BlastIQ™ definition.2
  11. Removed 'Actual' volume.7
  12. Added 'Adjusted Design' volume.3
  13. Added 'Drilled volume.4


    1. When adding blastholes to a plan, it is recommended users first reset the orientation (View > Reset orientation) to ensure the application is in Bird's-eye view. When adding blastholes, in a 'Drill from bench surface' configuration, with a registered bench surface, and viewing in birds eye view, blastholes may not be located under the user's cursor.
    2. Reflects the volume of a hole, based on design parameters.
    3. Reflects the volume of a hole, based on all available measurements. If no measurements are available for a hole, Updated Design volume will be equal to Design volume.
    4. Reflects the volume of a hole, based on Drill Data. If no drill data is available for a hole, drilled volume will be 0.
    5. For more information on state volumes in SHOTPlus™ see Knowledge Base Article, here.
    6. The tool uses the 'Blast bounds' and 'Blast bounds (toe)' layers to clip, or expand the volume of holes on the boundary of the blast. Not available when using the 'Design hole dimension' volume calculation method. This setting will affect volumes reported for holes in other areas of the application, but will not affect volumes reported in BlastIQ™.
    7. Replaced by 'Updated Design' and 'Drilled' volume.


  1. Graphical Charging Rules were not capturing all hole depths due to rounding of hole lengths for display.
  2. Quantities Report not being updated when Loading Rule reapplication triggered due to text import.
  3. Grade R.L. was not being updated when the design properties of a hole were updated.
  4. Design blasthole length was not being updated correctly when the 'drill to' properties of a hole were updated.
  5. Users were not prevented from entering a Grade elevation that was above the Collar elevation.
  6. Holes with a Drill Adjusted Design Length were not correctly being assigned a Backfill deck in all situations.
  7. Existing EBS lead-ins were changing from Logger II to Logger I when opening the EBS logging report.
  8. Deleting a WebGen™ encoding sequence between two holes was deleting the exiting Encoder lead-in.
  9. 'Import Carlson DRL Files' menu option missing from the Professional version of SHOTPlus™.
  10. Importing TruPulse hole devaition data was incorrectly changing the 'Drill to' settings for measured holes.
  11. Slice direction of measured holes was not being updated correctly based on measured data.
  12. Burden indicators in the profile wizard were being projected beyond the measured face surface.
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