BlastIQ™ Insights Release Notes - May 2023

BlastIQ™ Insights

May, 2023

Updates to BlastIQ™ Insights released on May 2023 bring in new features, improvements and bug fixes. For further information, please contact BlastIQ™ Support at

Update 31st of May 2023


  1. Compliance Dashboard. Read more here.

Update 23rd of May 2023


  1. Overview dashboard Additional plots:
    Read more about the Overview dashboard here.
    1. Hot Ground (hole temperature).
      Note: this plot is only visible for sites that have temperature enabled via the Admin Portal.
    2. Drilling Productivity.
    3. Backfill Potential Consumption.
  2. Copy to clipboard. Click on the 'copy' icon to copy a .png image of any plot to your clipboard.
    Note: only available in supported internet browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge. This feature is not supported in Mozilla Firefox or Safari.


  1. Overview dashboard:
    1. Quantities - Drilling length plot - units now show 'm' or 'ft', and thousands are displayed as 'k' in the Y axis labels.

    1. Improved styling and overall appearance.

Update 17th of May 2023


  1. Blast Progress Dashboard taking long time to load in some situations. Read more about the Blast Progress dashboard here.

Update 4th of May 2023


  1. Regression Analysis (multi-blast). Read more here.
  2. Export Functionality is available for the following dashboards in the Table View section.
    • Water Presence. Read more here.
    • Temperature. Read more here.
    • Hole Status. Read more here.
    • Potential Misfire. Read more here.
    • Drilling Length. Read more here.
    • Drilling XY Position. Read more here.
    • Powder Factor. Read more here.
    • Loading Weight. Read more here.
    • Stemming Length. Read more here.



  1. Table View sorting
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