6.14.4 SHOTPlus™ Beta Release Notes





March, 2023

Version 6.14.4 of SHOTPlus™ Beta, first offered to users on Tuesday 28th March 2023.
A notification will appear on start-up in SHOTPlus™ Beta once the update is available.
For further information on updating the SHOTPlus™, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.


This upgrade will include changes affecting backward file compatibility.

SHOTPlus™ has undergone a refactor of it’s blasthole data structure. This work was undertaken to improve integration between SHOTPlus™ and BlastIQ™ to better align the information presented to users when comparing blast design information as well as blast outcomes within the BlastIQ™ ecosystem.

What does this mean for users:

  • Existing files, saved in versions prior to SHOTPlus™ Beta 6.14.1, will still open in newer versions moving forward.
  • Existing files, saved in the newer SHOTPlus™ Beta 6.14.1 and onwards, will no longer be compatible with prior versions.
  • Existing Text Import and Text Export Templates using superseded terminology for data fields will link to data fields with new terminology on first use.

Due to the above compatibility issues it is recommended that updates of for SHOTPlus™ are completed ASAP for all users.

Detailed information of these changes can be found in this Knowledge Base Article:

SHOTPlus™ Blasthole Refactor

General information on the Beta 6.14 upgrades can be found in these release notes:

6.14.1 SHOTPlus™ Beta Release Notes

6.14.2 SHOTPlus™ Beta Release Notes


  • In the "Profile Wizard", the "Step down burdens" were not showing to the grade level of some holes. 
  • The "Profile Wizard" was incorrectly displaying items on the hole schematic.
  • Holes added to rows, were being added in the incorrect location in certain situations.


  • The "Profile Wizard" tool has a few improvements:
    • "Best Available" information is used for the hole.  This does not replace the hole deviation track if available.
    • The tool now handles holes that have no "Grade RL" value.
    • Improved the look of the hole schematic by removing the toe point cross
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