- SHOTPlus Beta - Release Notes

Released 16th December 2020


 **New Feature**

[SP6-638] - Loading Tolerances - Ability to set loading tolerances by deck (loading rules)




[SP6-864] - Filter & Search - Added ability to select Hole type or Material type


[SP6-841] - Initiation Rules - Intercept labels are now displayed


[SP6-845] - Text Import - Strata Import now provides auto surface update functionality

[SP6-836] - Analytics View - Improved 'Drilling Accuracy' view.

[SP6-637] - Analytics View - New loading exceptions view



[SP6-834] - Analytics View - Improved 'Hole Depth Variance'.

[SP6-810] - Analytics views now utilise BlastIQ recorded times from BlastIQ Mobile

[SP6-808] - Volume calculations - Improved calculation method


**Bug Fixes**

Fixed issues with;

[SP6-863] - Hole deviation tool - missing data upon import

[SP6-883] - Initiation Rules - Application of rules error

[SP6-884] - Surface expansion - Blast bounds - Incorrect expansion

[SP6-888] - Text import - Collar co-ordinates - Exception error

[SP6-891] - Text Import - Import of actual collar coordinates was incorrectly updating the design length



[SP6-893] - Analytics View - BlastIQ hole states temporally removed

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