BlastIQ Mobile January 2021 Release

Orica will release an update to BlastIQ Mobile in January 2021.


A notification will appear in the BlastIQ Mobile app on start-up once the update is available. We hope this will enable customers to perform the update without assistance from the specialist.


For further information on an update to the software, please contact the Support Team at or via the web

Features included in the January release

Inconsistent Hole State:

  • With information being sent in through multiple avenues and with multiple devices being able to work offline, an inconsistent hole status tag has been introduced. 
  • If a hole has conflicting measurements (eg a water depth longer than the measured hole depth), an inconsistent tag will be applied and the inconsistent fields will be highlighted. Users will be able to address these issues on the Mobile device by selecting one of the fields. Further information about the field will be provided in the keypad that is opened when selecting a field.




Update to Status Icons:

  • To maintain consistency across applications, the hole status icons have been updated. 
  • Statuses for Wet Sides and Invalid have also been added

Previous Hole Status Icons:


New Hole Status Icons:



Capture Wet Sides Value:

  • The ability to capture wet sides has been introduced through the water field keypad. An option to select whether the value is wet sides is enabled by a toggle. 
  • A preference is available to choose whether the depth to/amount of water or the wet sides value is the one that displays when the water field keypad is opened each time (before a value is captured).





Initiation Loading Rules & Capture of Actuals:

  • Initiation loading rules from SHOTPlus will be sent up to the platform and made available to apply in BlastIQ Mobile. Rules will apply in response to changes recorded in the field during the QA/QC process to provide users with the most up to date initiation design based on the current in hole conditions. 
  • Design initiator location and type will be displayed in the Initiation tab in BlastIQ Mobile. These initiators can be copied to the actual side to easily accept that these initiators have been loaded into the blast hole. Extra initiators and/or accessories can also be added.
  • An option will be provided in SHOTPlus so that users can send up a design without initiation rules if they choose to.
  • Further information on how to write initiation rules can be found here.


Recalculate Deck Weight with Changed Product Selection:

  • On the Actual side of the charging panel, improvements have been made so that if a user selects a different density bulk product when the keypad is open, the calculated product weight required to fill that deck will be recalculated. This will happen only when an entry hasn't previously been saved against the deck.


Enforce Recording a Hole Depth Before Loading:

  • Through the Admin Portal, a site administrator will be able to enable an option to ensure that Mobile Operators are required to enter a measured hole depth before they are able to enter and actual loading data. This setting will propagate to all devices.   


Other Features:

  • Improvements for boot time: Modifications to the build options and for the period of time that a device can be built for
  • Introduction of a maintenance page 
  • Introduction of the grade point on the hole diagram
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