2.20.5 SHOTPlus™ Tunnel Release Notes





November, 2022

Version 2.20.5 of SHOTPlus™ Tunnel, first offered to users on Tuesday 13th December 2022.
A notification will appear on start-up in SHOTPlus™ Tunnel once the update is available.
For further information on updating the SHOTPlus™, please contact the BlastIQ™ Support Team via support.blastiq.com.


    1. Some users may not receive this update due to 'wyUpdate' not being included in previous installations. If no update is received, please re-install SHOTPlus™ Tunnel by downloading the installer from the BlastIQ™ Support website, here.


  1. WebGen™ 200 Encryption implemented.
  2. SHOTPlus™ Tunnel now checks that charge designed meet the minimum requirements for Toe and Ejection charges for all MDCU exports.
  3. SHOTPlus™ Tunnel will now check that the toe and ejection charge meets the minimum charge requirements when exporting MDCU files.
  4. SHOTPlus™ Tunnel will only export holes with WebGen™ primers in MDCU exports.
  5. SHOTPlus™ added the ability to Import and Export Drill Designs to and from SHOTPlus™ Underground.1,2
  6. BlastIQ™ Licencing has now been enabled in SHOTPlus™ Tunnel.3


    1. To import a set of holes from SHOTPlus™ Underground, select 'File' > 'Import' > 'Selected holes to SHOTPlus-UG'.
    2. To export a set of holes to SHOTPlus™ Underground, select 'File' > 'Export' > 'Holes to SHOTPlus-UG'.
    3. To find out more about BlastIQ™ Licencing in SHOTPlus™ Tunnel, click here.


  1. The Cut Template Tool now allows import of SPC2 Templates.
  2. Updated SHOTPlus™ Tunnel wording on SHOTPlus™ Tunnel Installer.
  3. Updated SHOTPlus™ Tunnel wording on SHOTPlus™ Launcher.
  4. Updated SHOTPlus™ Tunnel wording on SHOTPlus™ Tunnel Program Header.
  5. Increased number of decimals used when performing coordinate transform.
  6. Added option to export IREDES Hole ID as SHOTPlus™ Hole ID for all IREDES Exports.
  7. Added internal handling for duplicate hole GUIDs.
  8. Added Hole ID Validation for MDCU Exports.
  9. Added the ability to export extended firing data with cosines.
  10. Added charge diameter to Extended Firing Data export.
  11. Added coordinate transfer for extended firing data.
  12. Using SHOTPlus™ Tunnel Hole ID as IREDES Hole Name is now the default option for MDCU exports.
  13. All delay times now match for MDCU exports.
  14. SHOTPlus™ Tunnel will now warn users where holes do not have a valid deck design for an MDCU export.
  15. Improved naming and file structure for MDCU exports.
  16. Removed Deck Index array from Detonators Node of MDCU XML file.
  17. Where WebGen™ 100 and WebGen™ 200 is the selected EBS, changed references to Loggers to Encoders.
  18. Changed export preferences when exporting MDCU Charge files.


  1. SHOTPlus™ Tunnel now updates Detonator Status in EBS Logging Report when importing from WebGen™ 200 Encoder.
  2. SHOTPlus™ Tunnel now updates DRX ID when importing from WebGen™ 200 Encoder.
  3. Baseline tool not available from 'Relative to' selection box in Hole Layout Tool.
  4. Fixed discrepancies in WebGen™ Report.
  5. WebGen™ DRX were not showing in Quantities List.
  6. Scene explorer was not updated when using the Time Envelope window.
  7. Quantities report was showing a discrepancy in explosive volume in certain circumstances.
  8. Volume discrepancies between Quantities and Quantities by Hole Type.
  9. wyUpdate was not being included in SHOTPlus™ Tunnel installations.
  10. SPT Converter was not being included in SHOTPlus™ Tunnel installations.
  11. An unhandled exception was occurring in SHOTPlus™ Tunnel when printing a plan.
  12. Entering angles >45° was causing SHOTPlus™ Tunnel to crash.
  13. 'Retain Timing' functionality was not working correcting in the Loading Tool.
  14. Opening Blast Settings was incorrectly clearing the EBS tie-in due to incorrect EBS blaster settings.
  15. MSW executable was not being included in the SHOTPlus™ Tunnel installation packaged.
  16. Blast Location in blast reports did not match the location of the blast in the blast header.
  17. Initiation times for WebGen™ blasts were being rounded incorrectly.


    1. The MSW executable will not be included when updating. To ensure the MSW executable is included, please re-install SHOTPlus™ Tunnel by downloading the installer from the BlastIQ™ Support website, here.
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