BlastIQ™ Adjusted Design Length


Release Date:
10th of November 2022
KBA Summary:
This Knowledge Base Article describes how is BlastIQ™ Adjusted Design Length calculated.


Improve the accuracy of the drilling compliance evaluation by providing an automated and consistent adjusted design length calculation based on design toe Z and high precision collar XYZ, angle and bearing.

Note: BlastIQ Adjusted Design Length calculation is performed when drill actuals are present, but no drill adjusted design length is provided by the drill.


BlastIQ™ calculates an adjusted design length based on design and drilled information, that is used to evaluate drilling compliance by comparing it against drilled or measured length.

BlastIQ™ assumes that the adjusted design intends to achieve the original design toe Z. There is currently no access to surfaces details to refine this assumption further.



  • Only holes updated after the time of the release of this feature will be impacted by this calculation.
  • This calculation takes effect in BlastIQ™ Mobile v15.1 or higher.
  1. A hole is designed to be 12.0 m in length based on a flat bench (not precise).
    • The hole is designed with a backfill tolerance of 0.5 m.
  2. High precision collar XYZ are provided by the drill system.
    • Collar Z is 1.0 m above the assumed flat bench.
  3. Adjusted design length is calculated to be 13.0 m.
  4. Drilled length is recorded as 13.2 m.
  5. Measured length is recorded as 13.1 m.


  1. Because the drilled (13.2 m) and measured (13.1 m) lengths are compared to the calculated adjusted design length, the hole length is within tolerance (0.5 m) and Backfill Required'' is not triggered.
  2. If the measured (13.1 m) length was to be compared to the original design (12.0 m) value, it would trigger a 'Backfill Required status and a backfill deck of 1.1 m. Potentially causing the blast to not reach the desired floor level.
Required Information

Adjusted design length is calculated when the following hole information is present:

  • High precision collar XYZ (drilled collar XYZ).
  • Drilled angle and bearing.
  • Design collar XYZ, length, angle and bearing.

Adjusted design length will be calculated every time any of the required hole parameters is updated.


BlastIQ™ Mobile

BlastIQ™ Mobile v1.15.59 or higher

Adjusted design length will be displayed instead of the design length in the BlastIQ™ Mobile UI, as a dotted underlined value.


BlastIQ™ Insights

In the Drilling Length dashboard, adjusted design length is displayed as 'drilled adjusted design length' and, if present, used to compare against the actual length based on the display mode.



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