How to Activate by Email or Phone

NOTE: This will apply to all versions of SHOTPlus and other Orica digital software only when the user is unable to activate online or where there is no internet connectivity, and manual activation of applicate is needed, e.g., a mine site.

This article only covers the method to activate the software manually using email or phone. To Install and Activate online, please see the links supplied at the end of the article.

  1. After the successful installation of SHOTPlus, please enter the product key supplied by BlastIQ Support into the "Product key" text box and then click "Register by phone/email."



 2. Copy the Request Code and email to BlastIQ Support at along with the following details. 

  • Product Key:
  • Request Code:
  • User's First Name:
  • User's Surname:
  • User's Organisation:
  • User's Email:
  • User's Region:

   3. You will receive an email from BlastIQ Support with a unique Activation Key. Please enter the key in the "Activation key" field and click "Activate." 

Note: The Activation key is only valid for 24 hours. It is best to start the process as soon as you receive the key from BlastIQ Support Team.


If you miss activating SHOTPlus under 24 hours and your Activation Key is expired, you can restart the process by clicking "Cancel current request!!" in Step 2.

 4. Congratulations! You have successfully activated the SHOTPlus and now you will be able to use the software.


If you experience any difficulties with the installation or activation process, please send an email to


To Install and Activate SHOTPlus Online, please see the links below.

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