Commissioning a Juniper Mesa

This page contains instructions for preparing a brand new Juniper Mesa Notepad for use with DIPPlus.


Charging The Device

1. Remove the Mesa and AC adapter from the Mesa's box.

2. Identify the mains connector that is appropriate for your country and connect it to the AC adapter.

3. Connect the AC adapter to a mains outlet and charge the Mesa until the batter icon on the main page indicates that the charge has reached 100%.


Applying the Screen Protector

It is imperative that you apply a screen protector to your device! Without a protector, your device screen will become scratched and opaque very quickly after being used in the field.

These steps can be carried out while the Mesa is being charged.

1. Remove any stickers from its screen.

2. Open the pack of screen protectors and clean the device screen with the cloth provided. Ensure the screen is free of dust, lint, etc.

3. Peel off the protective film from a screen protector by lifting its yellow sticker.

4. Apply the screen protective carefully to the screen. Avoid trapping air bubbles.

5. Peel off the second protective film from the screen protector by lifting the red sticker.

6. Use the plastic card provided to force any air bubbles to the edge of the screen protector.


Configuring Windows Mobile

1. When the home screen appears, tap on the Start button (bottom left of screen).

2. Tap on Settings / System / Regional Settings.

3. Tap on the drop-down list and choose your graphical region.

4. Tap on OK and then on the X button.

5. Tap on the clock on the main screen. 

6. On the Time tab, tap on the timezone drop-down list and choose your timezone.

7. Tap on each component of the time (hours, minutes and seconds) and set it to the current time.

8. Tap on the date and set it to the current date.

9. Tap OK and answer yes if prompted to save your changes.


The device is now ready to have DIPPlus installed on it.

After installation, you can create a shortcut to DIPPlus on the Mesa's home screen.


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