DIPPlus cannot connect to SHOTPlus

If you get a connection error in DIPPlus when trying to import or export data, or when testing the comms link, check each of the following points.

  • Check you have set DIPPlus's server option correctly on the General Options / Comms tab.
  • Check you have started the communications server in SHOTPlus. The state of the comms server is indicated by the 'traffic light' icon in the bottom-right corner of SHOTPlus's window. If the icon is red, click the small arrow next to it and choose 'Start server'.


  • Check that Windows Mobile Device Centre is installed on the same computer as SHOTPlus. It will have been installed automatically if the DIPPlus Installer was downloaded onto the computer. Otherwise, you will need to install WMDC manually.
  • Check that WMDC starts automatically a few moments after connecting your device to a USB port. If it doesn't start automatically, disconnect and reboot your device, and then reconnect it.

If WMDC still does not start of the comms link still fails, please try the following:

  • Use a different USB cable or a different USB port.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Uninstall and reinstall WMDC.



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