Stemming Options

Note: This applies to charging licenses only

Under the Stemming Options category, you can change the following settings.


Preferences Tab

  • If Top Deck Contains Only Air, Treat it as Loaded: If the top deck in a blasthole is simply an empty air deck (without a gas bag) then obviously nothing further needs to be loaded into the blasthole to complete the loading. In this case, you can tell DIPPlus to treat an empty air deck as loaded, without having to enter its deck horizon. (This will only be applied to an empty deck if it is the top-most deck in the blasthole and the deck below it has been loaded.)
  • Ignore Backfill Decks When Determining Load State: If this option is ticked, DIPPlus will ignore any backfill deck in a blasthole when determining whether the hole is partly or fully loaded. In other words, if all decks in the hole are loaded except for the backfill deck, and this option is ticked, DIPPlus will report the hole being fully loaded. (A backfill deck is defined to be a stemming deck at the bottom of the hole whose horizon is at or below the design depth of the hole.)
  • Prompt for Stemming Deck Horizon/Length: This option lets you choose to be prompted for deck horizon or stemming length when entering loading data for a stemming deck.
  • Prevent Non-Stemming Decks from Being Loaded: This option tells DIPPlus to treat all non-stemming decks as unloadable. This is to prevent the data for product decks from being changed accidentally while a blast is being stemmed.


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