Dipping Options

Under the Dipping Options category, you can change the following settings.


Preferences Tab

  • Default Input Box: This specifies the input box or swipe page that is initially selected when the dipping data entry screen is displayed. the choices are Depth, Temperature, Water, Wet Sides, Scanning or Intercepts.
  • Change Depth in Steps of: This specifies the amount by which the value of hole depth, depth to/of water, or wet sides is changes when you tap the +/- buttons on the dipping data entry screen. If 0.5 is selected, this also causes the initial value of hole depth or depth to water to be rounded to a multiple of 0.5. (If you need to enter a value other than a multiple of 0.5 when this option is set to 0.5 then you will need to use the on-screen keyboard.)
  • Prompt for Wet Measurements: This lets you specify whether you want to be prompted for water and set sides depths if you mark a blasthole as wet.
  • Water Convention: Here you can specify whether the water measurement is to be interpreted as the depth to water in the blasthole or the depth of water in the blasthole.
  • Show Keyboard When any Input Box Gets Focus: This option determines whether the on-screen keyboard is shown automatically when a numeric input box has the focus on the data entry screen.
  • Exit Data Entry Screen After Saving Data for a Single Hole: This option determines whether the Save button on the data entry screen also closes that screen when editing data for a single hole.



Temperature Tab

  • Default Temperature: This is the initial value that is inserted into the Temperature box on the dipping data entry screen the first time you tap one of the +/- buttons.
  • Change in Steps of: This specifies the amount by which the temperature value is changed when you tap on the +/- buttons on the dipping data entry screen. Select 0.1 if you wish to enter temperatures to one decimal place. Select 1.0 to enter temperatures as whole numbers.



Comments Tab

On this tab, you can create or edit the list of pre-defined text comments that appear in the drop-down list of hole, scan or slot comments.

By default the comments tab contains 11 lines. If you want to add more than 11 comments, tap the 'add line' toolbar button dp8.png

Comments can also be imported from a text file. The text file must:

  • contain one comment per line
  • be called dipping.txt
  • be saved in My Documents / Comments.

The comments file will be imported automatically when DIPPlus starts.

Export is automatic too. Any changes you make to the comments (either on this tab or elsewhere in DIPPlus) will be saved immediately to the dipping.txt comments file.


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