Exporting Charging Data

Note: This applies to charging licenses only.


After you have entered charging data for some or all of the blastholes in a blast, you can export the results to SHOTPlus.

First, close each screen you are on until you return to the screen shown below:



Export via the USB link

To export the data directly to SHOTPlus over a USB connection, connect your device to the PC on which SHOTPlus is running. Make sure that the correct blast design is open in SHOTPlus then click EXPORT.


Export via BML files

To export the data via a BML file, either tap the green tick button to close the blast or choose Menu / File / Save Blast. This saves the blast data to a file on the device.

Connect your device to your PC and use Windows Explorer to copy the BML files onto your PC. Under Windows 7, the device appears under Computer / Portable Devices.

To import the file into SHOTPlus, open the correct .spf file, choose File / Import / Blasting Markup Language File, and navigate to the file you copied off your device.


Viewing the Exported Data in SHOTPlus

To view the actual loading via a blasthole's Edit Hole window:

1. Double click on a hole collar to open the Edit Hole window.

2. Click on the Loading tab.

3. Tick the 'Actual loading' box in the bottom-left corner.



To view the actual loading via the hole table:

1. Click on the Hole Table button on the toolbar and select the blasthole of interest.

2. Tick the 'Show actuals' box at the top of the window.

3. If the deck columns are not visible, click 'Columns' and tick the Decks box.




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