Releasing Holes for Loading

Note: This applies to charging licenses only.

If you have created loading designs for the blastholes in SHOTPlus (e.g. by applying loading rules) then you can export the designs to DIPPlus as follows. Otherwise, in DIPPlus v2.16 or later, the loading rules are exported to DIPPlus along with the rest of the blast data and DIPPlus can apply the loading rules itself (if they meet certain conditions).

After applying your loading rules in SHOTPlus, and before the resulting charging design is exported to DIPPlus, you can specify which blastholes are to be released for loading.

You do not have to release all holes in the blast in one go. You can choose to release only part of the blast, for example in cases where not all of the holes have had their charging design finalised.


Things To Note

  • In SHOTPlus, you can disable the requirement to release holes for loading (under the hole states options) but this may breach loading procedures at some sites.
  • Only those holes that have been released for loading will be included when you export the charging design to DIPPlus (unless you have disabled the 'release for loading' step in SHOTPlus).
  • You cannot release a hole for loading unless it is in the 'dipped' state, or you have told SHOTPlus to allow undipped holes to be released (under the hole states options). The transition from 'designed' to 'dipped' happens when SHOTPlus receives dipping data from DIPPlus or when you enter dipping data manually into the hole table.


To Release Part of the Blast for Loading

  • Select the holes you wish to release
  • Click Tools / Holes/ Release for loading.
  • Choose 'Selected holes only'  or 'All visible holes' and click OK.




To Release All Holes for Loading


  • Click Tools / Holes / Release for loading
  • Choose 'All holes' and click OK.


If you change your mind...

If you realise that you have released some holes by mistake, you can restore them to the 'dipped' state. To do this:

  • Select the hole(s) you want to restore.
  • Double click on them to open the 'Edit hole' window.
  • Click on the 'Loading' tab.
  • Click the 'Revert to dipped' button.


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