Why don't my holes have a loading design?

If some or all of the blastholes are coloured red on the charging blast view, or if their status is 'No Design' on the tabular view, then this indicates that DIPPlus does not have a loading design for them.


Prior to DIPPlus v2.16, loading designs had to be created in SHOTPlus either by applying loading rules to the blastholes or by defining the loading manually. However, this is not sufficient to cause the designs to be exported to DIPPlus. You have to tell SHOTPlus that it is OK for the loading designs to be exported. You can do this in two ways:

  • Release the holes for loading. Typically this is done after importing dip data into SHOTPlus (or entering it manually into the hole table) and then applying the loading rules to the dipped holes. To release holes for loading, use the Tools / Holes / Release for Loading option in SHOTPlus. This is the recommended process, as it ensures that the loading design is based on the actual depth, water content and temperature of the blasthole.
  • Alternatively, you can disable the requirement to release holes for loading. This allows you to export the loading designs to DIPPlus regardless of whether the blastholes have been dipped. To do this, click on Edit / Blast Properties / Hole States and tick 'Export all holes regardless of released state'. A warning will be displayed to remind you that the loading designs may now be based on the design state of the blasthole, not on the actual state. DIPPlus will display a similar warning if you import blast data that contains loading designs for undipped holes. For more information, see the article Configuring SHOTPlus for use with DIPPlus.

In v2.16 or later, DIPPlus is able to import simple loading rules from SHOTPlus and apply them to blastholes whenever required. 


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