I get an error when I try to start SHOTPlus's Comms Server

Very occasionally, you may see the following error message whey you try to start the comms server in SHOTPlus:


If you're sure that only one instance of SHOTPlus is running then another program must be using the same port number which SHOTplus uses to communicate with DIPPlus, and the other program has taken out an exclusive lock on it. It appears that some programs use random port numbers to handle their comms, and they just happen to pick the one that SHOTPlus uses. Dropbox is one know culprit, but there may be others.

There are two workarounds; one simple but drastic, the other more fiddly but more 'surgical'.


Method 1

The simple solution is to reboot your PC. After the reboot, the offending program should pick a different set of port numbers and the chance of another clash with SHOTPlus is very low.


Method 2

If a reboot is not possible or desirable, you can use a program called TCPView to see which program is using SHOTPlus's comms port. You can then either kill the offending program or simply fore it to close the port. Either action should allow SHOTPlus to start its comms server.

1. Download TCPView (see the attachment at the bottom of the page). There is no installer, you just run the exe. 

2. Click on the column header called 'Local Port' to sort the table by port number.


3. Scroll down the table until you find port number 49313. This is the port number which SHOTPlus uses to communicate with DIPPlus. The program that is using the port number is shown in the first column. In this example it is Dropbox.


4. Right click on the row containing port 49313 and choose 'Close connection'.


5. Quit TCPView and try to start SHOTPlus's comms server again. If the comms server fails to start again, you may have to resort to Method 1. 



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