Scanning Options

Under the Scanning Options category, you can change the following settings.


Preferences Tab

  • Scan Comment for Skipped Holes: This comment will be set as the scan comment for the hole if you skip the hole during scanning.
  • Remove this Comment When Scanning a Skipped Hole: If you scan a barcode into a hole that had been previously skipped, you may not want the scan comment associated with skipped holes to remain in the hole's scanning data. this option tells DIPPlus to remove such comments from skipped holes if they are subsequently scanned.



Sequences Tab

  • Maximum Number of Barcodes Per Hole: This is the maximum number of barcodes that can be scanned against a blasthole. Equivalently, it is the highest slot number of the hole's barcode slots.
  • Scan Sequences: This box contains the scan sequences that are available to choose when scanning barcodes. The default sequence consists of all slot numbers in order from 1 to the maximum, and it is always at the top of the list. It cannot be deleted. If you want to scan barcodes into a different sequence of slots, tap the Add button to create a custom sequence. To specify the sequence you want to use during scanning, tick the checkbox to the left of the sequence. To delete a custom sequence, tap on the sequence itself (not on its checkbox) and then tap the Delete button.



Creating a Custom Scan Sequence

To create a custom scan sequence, tap the Add button on the Sequences tabl

DIPPlus will ask you to pick the slot numbers in the order you with to scan them

Tap OK to add the new sequence to the list of available sequences.

Then new sequence will be ticked automatically, which means it will be used as the scan sequence during scanning.

dp3.png  dp4.png

Note: If you decrease the maximum number of barcodes per hole and hit Save, any slot number that exceeds the new limit will be removed from the scan sequences. As a result, it is possible that some sequences may become duplicated. DIPPlus will automatically delete any duplicated. DIPPlus will automatically delete any duplicate sequences from the list.

For example, if you define the sequences 1 5 3 6 8 4 and 1 3 4 5 and then set the maximum number of barcodes to 4, these sequences become 1 3 4 and 1 3 4. To prevent duplicates, one of these sequences will be automatically deleted when you hit Save.

With the exception of the default sequence, delete slot numbers or sequences do not come back if you later increase the maximum number of barcodes per hole.


Comments Tab

On this tab you can specify default comments for the scan slots. These are operational.

During scanning, if you scan a barcode into a slot that has a default comment assigned to it, but you do not enter a slot comment manually, then the default comment will be stored in the slot.

Tap on the slot number you wish to edit and then tap the Set Default comment button. DIPPlus will prompt you to enter the default comment for the slot. You can type a new comment or choose an existing one from the drop-down list.

dp5.png  dp6.png

Note: The drop-down list contains the same dipping comments that are used for the hole comment and scan comment. Any new comment you enter here will also be available wherever the list of dipping comments is used. you must tap Save in order for a new default comment to be added to the list of dipping comments. 

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