Charging Options

Note: This section applies to charging licenses only

Under the Charging Options category, you can change the following settings.


Preferences Tab

To see all the option on this tab, drag the page up or down with your finger or stylus.

  • Default Input Box on Data Entry Screen: This specifies the input box that is initially selected when the charging data entry screen is displayed. The choices are Horizon or Charge Weight.
  • Enable Loading Rules: Tick this box to enable the automatic application of loading rules (if the blast contains any) when you enter a new value for any hole property or when you add a new hole to the blast.
  • Apply Comment Automatically: You can tell DIPPlus to add a text comment to a deck automatically if its design length or charge weight has been adjusted as a result of the deck below being over-or under-loaded. A comment can also be added automatically when you specify that there is a blockage within a particular deck. By default, both these options are enabled.
  • Show Keyboard When Any Input Box Gets Focus: This option determines whether the on-screen keyboard is shown automatically when a numeric input box has the focus on the data entry screen. 
  • Allow Undipped Holes to be Loaded: When this option is ticked, DIPPlus will allow you to enter loading data for undipped holes. A warning will be displayed because loading undipped holes may not breach loading procedures at some sites.
  • Exit Data Entry Screen After Saving Data for a Single Hole: This option determines whether the Save button on the charging data entry screen also closes that the screen when editing data for a single hole.
  • Default Selected Deck: When moving to the next or previous hole during loading, DIPPlus automatically selects the next loadable deck in the new hole. You can tell DIPPlus whether you want the 'next loadable deck' to be the one above the highest loaded deck (the default settings) or the highest loaded deck itself.
  • Charge Weight Variance: Here you can choose whether you want to be warned if the actual charge weight of a deck differs from design (by more than a percentage tolerance) when you save the data entered on the charging data entry screen. The tolerance can be set to 5% or 10%. You can also enforce the requirement that a deck horizon must be entered if the CW tolerance is exceeded.

dp9.png  dp10.png


Sequence Tab

On this tab you can configure the Deck Loading Sequence and the Loading Screen Sequence.

The Deck Loading Sequence determines how DIPPlus behaves when you click the Next button on the charging data entry screen. This button takes you to the next loadable deck in the loading sequence.

  • Load One Deck on Each Visit: If this option is selected, DIPPlus will move to the lowest loadable deck in the next blasthole when you click the Next button on the charging data entry screen. In other words, one deck is being loaded on each visit to a blasthole before you move to the next hole. This is the default setting.
  • Loaded All Decks in One Visit: If this option is selected, DIPPlus will move to the next unloaded deck  in the current blasthole when you click the Next button, and will only move to the next blasthole when all decks in this hole are loaded.

The Loading Screen Sequence determines the sequence of screens that are displayed when you tap on a hole on the charging blast plan or when you move to a different hole on the loading path. In particular, you can choose to be prompted for dipping data first, before you enter charging data.

The first drop-down list specifies the first screen that is displayed when charging a hole. The choices are the charging data entry screen, the loading summary screen, or the dipping data entry screen.

If you choose 'Dipping screen' in the first drop-down list then you have the option of choosing which loading screen you want to see after you have entered dipping data for the hole. The choices for this second screen are the charging data entry screen or the loading summary screen.

  • Only Show Dipping Screen if Hole is Undipped: If this box is ticked and you have selected 'Dipping screen' in the first drop-down list then the dipping screen will only be shown if the hole does not have a dipped path.



Comments Tab

On this tab you can create or edit the list of pre-defined text comments that appear in the drop-down list of deck comments.

By default the comments tab contains 11 lines. If you want to add more than 11 comments, tap the 'add line' toolbar button dp8.png.

Comments can also be imported from a text file. The text file must:

  • Contain one comment per line
  • Be called charging.txt
  • Be saved in My Documents / Comments.

The comments file will be imported automatically when DIPPlus starts.

Export is automatic too. Any changes you make to the comments (either on this tab or elsewhere in DIPPlus) will be saved immediately to the charging.txt comments file.


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