Stemming Holes Automatically

Note: This applies to charging licences only

Any blastholes that are ready for stemming can have their stemming decks loaded automatically. This avoids manual entry of the as-loaded horizon or length for the top-most stemming deck in each blasthole.

A blasthole is considered 'ready for stemming' if all its decks have been loaded except for a stemming deck at the top of the column

To apply automatic stemming, tap on Menu / Stem Holes on either the graphical or table charging view and choose either 'All Holes' or 'Holes On Path'. A message will tell you how many blastholes will be affected if you continue.


Note: Holes that contain incomplete decks or that are blocked at their collar are not eligible for automatic stemming.


Before applying this menu option, you can see which blastholes are ready for stemming because they are coloured pink on the graphical view, or by choosing the 'Holes that need final stemming' filter on the charging table view.

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