Loading rules for DIPPlus

In v2.16 or later, DIPPlus is able to import simple loading rules from SHOTPlus (v5.6 or later) and apply them to blastholes whenever required.

This enables a hole's loading design to be created or updated on the fly whenever its condition changes. In particular, when adding new holes to the blast, you can proceed to dip and load them without having to export the dip depths to SHOTPlus and apply the loading rules there.

By simple loading rules, we mean rules that do not depend on strata intercepts and do not contain packaged products in their loading design. Specifically, DIPPlus can only apply rules that depend on the following hole parameters:

  • Hole depth
  • Hole diameter
  • Hole angle
  • Hole type
  • Material type
  • Water depth
  • Wet sides depth
  • Temperature

If the blast contains a loading rule which depends on any other parameter (such as a strata intercept) or contains packaged products in its loading design then DIPPlus will not apply any of the rules. In such cases, you must continue to apply the rules in SHOTPlus and then export the holes' loading design in the usual way.

Here are some important points to note about DIPPlus's support for loading rules:

  • DIPPlus applies loading rules automatically when a hole property is edited or when a new hole is added to the blast.
  • Rules that contain a single loading table (from collar to toe) are supported. DIPPlus will make use of the deck lengths in the table when applying the rule.
  • Rules can be applied manually to a hole by holding down on the hole on the blast plan and choosing 'Apply Loading Rules' from the popup menu (but normally you will not need to apply rules manually).
  • If a hole does not match any of the loading rules in the blast then its loading design will be deleted and the hole will not be loadable.
  • DIPPlus will not apply loading rules to any hole whose temperature is extreme. In fact, it will delete the loading design for any such hole, to ensure it is not loadable. 
  • The use of backfill when applying loading rules can be controlled by a global on/off switch (on the Backfill tab on the Blast Properties screen - see below) and by individual on/off switches on each hole type (on the hole selector on the blast plan).
  • The backfill material can be set on the Backfill tab of the Blast Properties screen.
  • If you reset a hole's dipping data then its loading design will be deleted if loading rules are present in the blast, unless you have disabled them under Charging Options.


Viewing the Loading Rules

Loading rules cannot be changed or edited in DIPPlus but they can be viewed, along with their rule conditions and nominal loading design (deck structure). You can also see and change the backfill settings associated with the rules.

This is done on the Blast Properties screen which is accessed by tapping Menu / File / Blast Properties. This option is available on most screens in DIPPlus.

The Blast Properties screen contains four tabs:

  • Progress: This tab shows the number of blastholes that are in various states, to give an indication of blast progress.
  • Loading Rules: This tab shows the loading rules in the blast, their associated conditions and loading tables (if any), and nominal loading design.
  • Backfill: This tab shows the backfill settings associated with the loading rules.
  • File: This tab gives information about the currently open blast file, such as its location on disk, unique blast ID, etc.


Loading Rules Tab

The names of the loading rules in the blast are displayed in the list at the top left of this tab. If a rule depends on an unsupported parameter (such as a strata intercept) or contains an unsupported product (such as packaged) then its name will be shown in red.

Tap on the rule name to see its conditions and nominal loading design. The conditions are displayed on the first inner tab (Conditions) below the rule list. The second inner tab (Tables) shows the loading tables, if any, that are associated with the rule.

The rule's nominal loading design is shown in the hole diagram on the right of the screen. The decks in this loading design will be adjusted in accordance with the hole depth (and loading table, if any) when the rule is applied. You can tap on the deck to see its detail below the diagram.dp4.png


Backfill Tab

On this tab you can view and change the global backfill settings that were imported from SHOTPlus.


Use Backfill

This setting enabled or disables the use of backfill when loading rules are applied. If this box is unticked then backfill decks will not be inserted into the loading designs produced by the rules (regardless of hole type). If this box is ticked then a backfill deck will be inserted if required, but only if the hole type's Use Backfill setting is also ticked. The hole type settings are accessed via page 2 or the colour scheme chooser on the blast plan.


Backfill Material

Here you can choose the material that is used in backfill decks.


Use alternative backfill/Alternative backfill material

These settings are intended for future use, when support for strata-based loading rules has been added to DIPPlus. For now, these settings are ignored.

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